Elevate Your Business to New Heights

JUMP into action and ELEVATE YOUR CAREER at the first ever Denver, Colorado ISA Regional Training! Event Sponsors, IRAs Kallen Marques and Vanessa Otero challenge you to find your inner-motivation and launch your business to new heights at this incredible training event.

VIP Guest, Master Trainer and Co-Founder of Nouveau Riche, Bob Snyder, will teach YOU how to TAKE CONTROL and experience true success. Remember, your business knows no limits…

Bob Snyder
Master Trainer and Co-Founder of Nouveau Riche

"Dynamic…Knowledgeable…Practical… Humorous…Polished…Encouraging…" A top performer in the world of marketing, sales and negotiations for over 25 years, a seasoned real estate investor, and a partner and co-founder of Nouveau Riche, Bob Snyder has inspired and trained thousands of individuals around the world on the fundamental philosophies for success. Experience for yourself his amazing energy and astonishing lessons (applicable to all aspects of your life!) on how to leverage your time, money and knowledge for a win/win!


CEO of The Og Mandino Group and The Greatest Salesman, Inc.
Dave Blanchard is President and CEO of The Og Mandino Group and The Greatest Salesman, Inc., as well as co-creator of the “Managing Your SIX ADVISORS™” system. A seasoned coach, speaker and corporate leader who is unafraid to tackle tough issues, Dave brings to the training room boundless energy, profound insights, the sensitivity of a director’s touch, and a burning desire to help people succeed!

Nouveau Riche Instructor

As the Client Development Director for American Pension Services, Del Hargis is committed to assisting people in discovering the many financial benefits of self-directing their retirement plans. Del shares this message with investors across the country: “retirement plans are not about the future, they are about right now!” Del is an inspirational speaker who encourages people to “never judge what you can accomplish today based on what you did not accomplish yesterday!”

Independent Regional Associates of Hawaii, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Indiana and Southern Michigan

After exploring careers as a pharmaceutical sales representative and mortgage loan officer, IRAs Vanessa Otero and Kallen Marques discovered Nouveau Riche. They knew that they could use all aspects of the Nouveau Riche system to get what they really wanted out of real estate investing and their American Dream. They immediately focused on the marketing opportunity, given that neither of them were in a good financial position at the time. While Vanessa stayed in California to market Nouveau Riche part-time in addition to her current job, Kallen headed to Hawaii and hit the ground running, networking and telling the Nouveau Riche story. Vanessa and Kallen found the right people for this business and, within six months, they were able to generate well over six figures in income, allowing Vanessa to quit her job, and move to Hawaii permanently. Today, as they continue to successfully market the Nouveau Riche opportunity and contributing as Independent Regional Associates, they truly feel they are fulfilling their dreams.

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Friday, May 8th
(Registration begins at 8:00am)

Saturday, May 9th

Brown Palace Hotel
321 17th Street
Denver, Colorado 80202

Training Fee: $160 per ITA/ISA/GUEST before 11:59pm on Monday, April 27th

Leadership Training with Bob Snyder* – Thursday Night
Two Days of ISA Training – Friday and Saturday
Recognition Reception – Saturday Night

*Must be certified in at least one product category to attend.

LATE FEE: additional $39 per ITA/ISA/GUEST ($199 total) after 11:59pm on Monday, April 27th

Visit ElevationNewHeights2009.com for complete details! REGISTER NOW!

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