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Now, Super Entrepreneurial Encyclopedia of Knowledge (S.E.E.K.)™ customers can enjoy one of Nouveau Riche’s most popular and dynamic, live instructional classes – Real Estate 101 - for FREE!* This benefit applies to S.E.E.K.™ customers, including existing and new customers, who are within their initial S.E.E.K.™ product redemption period. Start on the path to financial freedom with a solid foundation. Heighten your learning experience by taking this course before diving into the other S.E.E.K.™ bonus class, Computer Property Analysis. Remember the saying “you don’t know what you don’t know?” This highly sought-after class offers great exposure to Nouveau Riche’s College and will whet the appetites of budding real estate investors!

Don’t just aim for the stars – reach them! Master Entrepreneur and Instructor for the S.E.E.K.™ modules, Jim Piccolo, will guide you on your journey to the stars! Discover knowledge to break through barriers holding you back and join the ranks of NR’s Super-preneurs with the help of S.E.E.K.™ and the powerful bonus offers for purchasers.

Current S.E.E.K.™ Bonus Offerings Include:
Property Analysis Software (P.A.W.)™ - Real Estate Analysis Software (retail value of $1,295)
Computer Property Analysis - Live Instructional Course (retail value of $400)
Real Estate 101 - Live Instructional Course (retail value of $800)
In this “quick-start” class, students will learn the concepts and mechanics of real estate investment transactions. Topics include the basic terminology and principles of real estate investing and financing, with a focus on the mindset and action steps required to create desired profits.

Knowledge is power! Let the education unlocked in S.E.E.K.™ and these incredible bonus offerings help YOU make your breakthrough to financial freedom!

Your Super-preneur Headquarters,
Nouveau Riche

*Terms and conditions apply. Nouveau Riche reserves the right to make replacements or substitutions to the free bonus gifts. Any change to the free bonus offering does not constitute a refund for the S.E.E.K.™ product. To view the complete S.E.E.K.™ Terms and Conditions, log into your business center from the corporate website.

To learn more about the Nouveau Riche Real Estate Investment College visit the corporate website: CLICK HERE!

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