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Get fired up for this week’s Chairman’s Call! I’m back from the invitation-only HOPE Global Financial Literacy Summit in Washington, D.C., which joined key financial literacy drivers from around the world, and I am ready to share revelations from this incredible experience with you!

Those who attended the Special Edition Nouveau Riche Financial Literacy Workshop, hosted by INA Chris Record in the D.C. Metro Area, got an exclusive first briefing from me on the Summit. Plus, Chris shared important information about the future of the Washington, D.C. Metro Area and financial literacy, and how Nouveau Riche will play a key role in brightening the future of this market and beyond.

The HOPE Global Financial Literacy Summit confirmed many things that most of us already know….financial literacy and entrepreneurism are at the heart of freedom and building a strong America, again. Get up to speed on what leaders across the country are doing to spread this knowledge.

You’ll have to tune in to hear more!

Reminder: Space is limited on the Chairman’s Call line. Many area leaders also host conference call lines that they bridge in to the Chairman’s Call line every Monday night to expand line capacity. Check your Local Events Calendar in your Business Center to find out if this option is available to you.

Introductions begin at 10:55pm ET and the call will start promptly at 11:00pm ET on Monday, June 22nd.

Your Chairman,

Jim Piccolo

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