Real Estate Investment College Gold Tuition Package

As announced on the Chairman’s Call, this summer, there are plenty of ways to help others discover GOLD with the phenomenal promotions and incentives on Nouveau Riche’s Real Estate Investment College Gold Tuition Package! Now, students can reap the rewards of an educational system designed to create real estate investors - and receive even greater value added to the Gold Tuition Package on orders entered from June 1, 2009 through August 31, 2009.*

Help others join the ranks of those across the country who are experiencing amazing success in real estate investing, thanks to their Nouveau Riche education!

Standard GOLD Tuition Package

60 NR Hours/ 10 Days of Class
5 Colleges to Redeem and Repeat*
FREE Tuition Partner
Exclusive Access to Nouveau Riche Community Benefit Companies

Suggested Retail Price $10,000

Gold Tuition Orders Entered from June 1, 2009 through August 31, 2009 will receive the following added value:

Unlimited access to view Video Classrooms (during 5 College redemption period)
Unlimited access to download Class Audios (during 5 College redemption period)
Ability to bring your Teen (age 14-17) to Teen Financial Literacy class for FREE*
Option to purchase Super Entrepreneurial Encyclopedia of Knowledge (S.E.E.K.)™ DVDs for $99 when you also purchase S.E.E.K.™ product*
What about Regents upgrades? ... If a Gold Tuition order is entered during the promotion period and the customer purchases a Regents Tuition Upgrade later (within their redemption period), both the customer and the ISA who originally sold the Gold Tuition will receive a certification mark for Regents!*

*Terms and conditions apply

Think you’ve heard it all? Think again!
Additional Bonus for Regents AND Gold Tuition Orders:

Help educate America’s youth! For any Regents OR Gold Tuition orders entered from June 1, 2009 through August 31, 2009, the Primary Student can bring his/her teen (age 14-17) to the October 2009 College to attend classes with him/her for free!***

***Available to Primary Students only; Tuition Partners will not have the opportunity to bring their teen to class; Terms and Conditions apply.

And, what would a great promotion be without a contest??? In the ISA “Go for the GOLD!” CONTEST, a Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medal Winner will be awarded at the October 2009 College. Watch your email for more details unfolding about the contest!

Get out there and “Go for the GOLD” with these unheard of offerings!

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