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There is a common trait that exists within individuals who breed success... their passion, their “fire within,” to fulfill their dreams.

Find your fire within and spark success at Ignite the Fire Within ISA Regional Training, featuring Master Trainer Bob Snyder along with Special Guest Trainers: INAs Chad Wade, Jeff Thompson, Justin Yates, and IRA Stephen Gregg. It is challenging to find someone more passionate than “The General” Bob Snyder… and now, you have the chance to experience his amazing, contagious energy! Sharpen your skills and achieve the mindset needed to achieve top income earner status. Spark your success today!

Bob Snyder
Master Trainer and Co-Founder of Nouveau Riche

A top performer in the world of marketing, sales and negotiations for over 25 years, a seasoned real estate investor, and a partner and co-founder of Nouveau Riche, Bob Snyder has inspired and trained thousands of individuals around the world on the fundamental philosophies for success.

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Chad Wade
Independent National Associate – Florida, Illinois, and Utah

Since his start with Nouveau Riche, Independent National Associate Chad Wade has been able to create great success in real estate and has been instrumental in training some of the top investors and leaders in the company.

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Stephen Gregg
Independent Regional Associate - Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada

An entrepreneur since the age of 17, Stephen Gregg always strives to find the right opportunity to work hard helping others, while still having control over his future.

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Jeff Thompson
Independent National Associate – Northern California, Nevada and Oregon

Independent National Associate Jeff Thompson has generated great success and financial freedom through Nouveau Riche with his exceptional leadership, responsibility, and discipline skills.

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Justin Yates
Independent National Associate – Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada

Independent National Associate Justin Yates excels as a leader within the Nouveau Riche Community, as a “top income earner,” leading many on his team to “top income earner” status.

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